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Goodbye Flash, welcome Sanalika Desktop!

Chrome announced that it will not support Adobe Flash Player from December 2020. Flash technology will no longer be supported by internet browsers.

As you know, Sanalika is an online game, platform. So the part that works on the browser is actually just as much as the part that's visible on the iceberg.

As a game studio, we developed a new client "Sanalika Desktop" to protect the playability of Sanalika. Although there are some porting issues, it will be stable over time.

You can download the Sanalika Desktop Application to your computer and continue to play and have fun.

In addition to the Desktop version of Sanalika, you can also log into the world of Sanalika from your mobile devices via the Sanalika Android application.

This allows you to log into Sanalika from both your computers and Android-based mobile devices.

Keep having fun!