1. Preamble

    The hereby Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and executed by and between OyunStudyosu İnteraktif Teknolojiler, Reklam Hizmetleri ve Sanayi Dış Tic. A.Ş. - Kozyatagi Mah. Gulbahar Sk. 15B/22 Kadikoy, Turkey and GTECH TECHNOLOGIES LTD - SLBT 347 N.Cyprus (“Company”) and its user(s) (the “User” or the “Users”). It sets forth the terms and conditions regarding the use by the Users of (the “Game” or the “Website”), presented by Company.

    Company may amend the terms and conditions set out in the Agreement without prior notification to the Users. Any real or corporate person having access to the Game is deemed to have accepted in advance every amendment stated in the Agreement. The Users accept, represent and agree to comply with the conditions specified in the amendments.

    Each real and corporate person having access to the Website represents and agrees that (s)he has read, understood, accepted and approved the content of the Agreement. When the User completes the registration form and clicks on the “I accept” button under the form, the Agreement comes into effect between the parties for an indefinite period of time.

  2. Use of the Website & Confidentiality Obligation

    1. The Website is used for entertainment and friendship. It is a social network website which requires registration for service.
    2. The Users should be at least 13 years old to use the Website. By becoming a member of the Game, the User confirms that (s)he is at least 13 years old. If the User is in the 13-18 age group, it is understood that his/her legal heir has read and accepted all terms and conditions in the Agreement.
    3. Every kind of service offered in the website is only for entertainment purposes and in no way concerns any material good or product.
    4. Once the system activates the registration form completed by the visitor, the membership will be active.
    5. Company can neither share nor print any detail of its members with third parties, except as allowed by legal bodies.
    6. The nicknames/usernames selected by the User in the website may not be immoral nor offending, and may neither contain any political or religious connotation. Usernames found to be inappropriate are liable to be deleted by Company without prior notice.
    7. The registered username is only for a single person and the User may not deliver, transfer or lease its username and password for service purposes to third parties. Otherwise, Company will be entitled to independently terminate the Agreement in which case, the User will be responsible for any dispute with 3rd parties.
    8. In case the Users exchange their personal information within the Website, Company may not be held liable for the security of such information.
    9. It is prohibited within the Website to i) use bad language in private and general chats, ii) develop immoral or offending content, iii) create platforms for discussing any political and religious content, iv) disturb the Users, v) advertise or encourage alcohol, cigarette and other similar products, and vi) submit messages humiliating or offending other people through the discrimination of religion, language, race, gender or class. Upon a complaint for or in case of discovery by Company of such a situation, Company will be entitled to fully terminate the membership or introduce a temporary ban for access to the website or rooms.
    10. The User accepts in advance that any kind of message submitted within the Website may be recorded by Company, if technical means allow, to comply with legal obligations. Company has agreed in advance to not share with third parties or disclose such information.
    11. The Users may not record personal messages unless they are mutually given consent thereof.
    12. In case the game rules are violated in game zones within the Website through false and fraudulent conduct, Company is entitled to, according to the concrete case, send a warning, temporarily ban from the Game, ban from all game halls, cancel the membership or temporarily suspend the membership.
    13. The User has accepted that Company's records will prevail in case of a dispute.
    14. Descriptions of the Game are available within the Website and the User accepts that (s)he has read these descriptions.
  3. Paid Services

    1. If the User is deemed to be of legal age in his/her own country, (s)he can purchase virtual points (“Sanil/Diamond”) within the game against a real-world payment.
    2. The User should purchase a Sanil Card to benefit from paid services offered within the Website.
    3. The features of the Sanil Kart are described in the link What is Sanil Card?
    4. By purchasing a Sanil Card, the User owns sanil points loaded in the Sanil Card.
    5. By purchasing a Sanil Card, the User becomes entitled to use his/her special overhead symbol for 1 month.
    6. With Sanil points, the User becomes entitled to use the services listed in the link Products to the extent of his/her points.
    7. Virtual products sold may not be returned.
    8. Company reserves the right of changing and updating the services provided at any time. However, paid services already used by the User may not be changed to the disadvantage of the User.
    9. The Sanil points earned with the Sanil Card may not be converted into cash.
    10. The User is not entitled to substitute the points used through the Sanil Card with any other service.
    11. Unused points available in the Sanil Card may not be returned.
    12. Points already loaded in the Sanil Card may not be used by the Users in or outside the Website to receive a particular benefit.
    13. In case the membership is cancelled, used or unused points available in the Sanil Card are not returned to the User.
    14. In case it is discovered that the payments by the User were not legal or they were fulfilled through the unauthorized use of third party rights, the membership of the User is cancelled.
  4. Copyright

    1. Except otherwise specified, all copyrights and rights of disposition in any kind of material used in the Website (any kind of information, text, picture, logo and similar document) belong to Company. These materials may not be used, distributed and reproduced without the prior written consent of Company.
    2. Purchase of virtual goods by the Users does not mean ownership of the copyrights of these goods.
    3. Any kind of feedback, suggestion, idea, etc. communicated to Company about the Website (“Suggestions”) is the property of Company. Company may take advantage of, sell and use the Suggestions without any limitation and with no payment to the User.
  5. Applicable Law in case of Disputes

    The terms and conditions of the Agreement have been designed in compliance with the Turkish law, and any dispute rising out of the Agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices.