Terms And Conditions

  1. Preamble

    The hereby Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and executed by and between OyunStudyosu İnteraktif Teknolojiler, Reklam Hizmetleri ve Sanayi Dış Tic. A.Ş. Kozyatagi Mah. Gulbahar Sk. 15B/22 Kadikoy, Turkey and GTECH TECHNOLOGIES LTD SLBT 347 N.Cyprus (“Company”) and user(s) (“User” or “Users”), receiving paid services at en.sanalika.com (“Game” or “Website”) presented by Company. This Agreement sets forth the mutual obligations and rights of Company and the User.

  2. Scope of Service & Obligations

    1. Every kind of service offered in the website is only for entertainment purposes and in no way concerns any material, good, or product.
    2. If the User is deemed to be of legal age in his/her own country, (s)he can purchase virtual money (“Sanil/Diamond”) within the game against a real-world payment.
    3. The User should purchase a VIP Card to benefit from paid services offered by Company. Payment systems necessary for purchasing a VIP Card are described at the link http://www.sanalika.com/content/vip-features
    4. Payment systems used by Company are certified for security. The credit card and payment details provided by the User are not visible to Company and therefore not held by the system.
    5. The use of a VIP Card does not entitle the User to violate the rules of membership.
    6. By purchasing a VIP Card, the User becomes entitled to use his/her special overhead symbol for 1 month within the Website. Furthermore, the User earns sanil points as many as his/her VIP Card points.
    7. Company reserves the right of changing and updating the services provided through a VIP Card at any given time, provided that such changes are not to the disadvantage of the User.
    8. The User is entitled to benefit from the services to the extent of his/her Sanil/Diamond Points. The points necessary to purchase a service selected by the User is deducted from the User’s point balance. In case Sanil points are used up, the Sanil Card expires.
    9. The User may not return any service or functions (s)he has purchased with his/her Sanil/Diamond Points, or substitute it with another service or function.
    10. The User may not claim the return or convert into cash his/her unused points available in his/her VIP Card.
    11. The User may not use his/her sanil points in or outside the Website to receive a particular benefit.
    12. In case the User commits any act that would require the cancellation or temporary prohibition of his/her membership, (s)he may not claim the return of his/her either used or unused sanil points. However, the User becomes entitled to use the unused sanil points when his/her membership becomes active after the temporary ban.
    13. In case the services are fully suspended by Company, the unused points already available in the User’s VIP Card are refunded to the applicant after gifts and earned points are deducted together with other legal deductions.
    14. Company will keep the website available for service every time except for technical causes and force majeure circumstances.
    15. This Agreement has become effective upon the approval of the User and deemed to be executed once the payment is fulfilled.
    16. User support is only available via online Ticket System. http://www.sanalika.com/login/support-ticket
  3. Refund And Cancellation

    a. As the services provided by Company against payment are activated upon payment confirmation, the User is not legally entitled to a right of withdrawal.

    b. To apply for the refund of payment upon the allegation that the payment was unintentionally remitted, the application to be filed with legal bodies should be submitted to Company, in which case Company reserves the right to file a criminal complaint for an investigation into the payer unintentionally fulfilling the payment.

  4. Applicable Law in case of Disputes

    The terms and conditions of the Agreement have been designed in compliance with the Turkish law, and any dispute rising out of the Agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices.